About Us

EyeWitness is a radical approach for general public to make a distinction in the society/country to make it clean and safe for fellow residents. It enables grip to public where they can keep any sorts of issues live and demand for justice until it is not addressed by allied authorities.

Eyewitness is a platform developed to deter crime/irregularities/corruption around us and raise voice for immediate action to counter the incident and demand justice.

Its an effort to provide a common platform for a common man to raise his/her voice against wrong happening around and demand for justice.

Great saying from great peoples:

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.”
― William Faulkner

“Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight.”
― Bob Marley, Bob Marley - Legend

It is an innovative approach that strikes out against discrimination in peaceful manner and sends out a tiny ripple of hope. Government and Responsible Authorities will definitely act on your evidences , once it is on eyewitness it can not be suppressed by any means, it just can be just addressed. On the same way relevant agencies or NGOs can also take advantage to look closer to the citizens and there problems. This application is for the people, to the people and by the people to bring change in the social order.

Key Features of Eyewitness

Ease of Use
  • It enables dominant and extensive approach that allows an ordinary user to send the incident in video, images and audio format, making it extremely realistic and user friendly.

Radical Approach for demanding justice
  • Eyewitness is an innovative app facilitating a common man to report the crime or other social issues to draw the attention of germane authorities.

  • It aims to bring awareness and vigilance in the society regarding several covered and uncovered wrong practices, incidents and crimes.

  • You can capture the discriminations like corruption and sleaze usually taking place in hospitals, educational institutes, government and non government offices to put them ahead and to demand the fair dealing. Drag the attention of related authorities against the crime scenes and other happenings taking place with women, children and animals in abusive manner. Create an incident to make the entire world aware about the issues taking place in format of images, audio and video to demand the justice and dater its ratio of occurrences.

Proof of Evidence

  • Eyewitness stores all contents related to an Incident in their server AS-IS reported by anyone. All Videos, Audios or images are being stored in secured server right from user's device to EYEWITNESS without manual interruption or editing.

  • The videos and images sent on eyewitness server can also be considered as proof of evidence. Eyewitness offers a unique platform to bring the true face of incidents without any manipulation or tempering.

Available in portable devices supporting multi Platform
  • Eyewitness mobile (Android, iOS) application can be downloaded from respective stores and it is available all the time in your device to capture the events you deem it excessive in your surroundings. Capture and send it from the any corner of world to make the revolutionary approach towards the humanity.

  • Eyewitness has brought forth a righteous approach to register the protest of a common man without revealing identity and maintaining anonymity.

  • For content security, Files have been encrypted before sending over network.

Directly under the Notification of Agency
  • The incidents are open to agency where they keep an eye on it and will update the status of action.

  • Provides an approach where public and Organizations/Agencies (Govt, Semi Govt, NGOs, Hospitals, News Agencies, Human Rights, Animal Rights etc) come and work together for justice.

  • Viewer can vote to demand justice. Big number of votes meant higher priority for agencies.

What is EyeWitness ? »

Eyewitness is a social platform for people, to people and by the people to combine them into the same roof to raise their social causes and crime scenes taking place on their neighboring and demand for the justice. As being multi-facility, it avails an ease to capture the wrong practices of their surrounding and further sending it to the eyewitness so that people come to know and demand for its resolution to keep the city clean.

Available in mobile versions: »

Eyewitness is also available in various mobile platforms to further enable great ease to their users and henceforth. Apart from web version, it is significantly available in wide ranging mobile platforms including Andorid, iPhone/iPad and windows phones. Being multi-facility, the application helps a user quite innovatively to capture all scenes whether there is no internet connection available. The idea behind developing eyewitness mobile is to cover the entire user arena and providing them a magic tool to capture all the segments and to send it ahead to the public for further resolution.

Our Vision and Aims: »

Eyewitness aims to bring awareness and vigilance in the society regarding several covered and uncovered wrong practices, incidents and crimes. This approach of making the issues public and demanding the justice will be more effective and deter the crime and other awful practices taking place massively.

Be vigilant: »

Eyewitness is a proof of your alertness and to deter the wrongful practices of your surroundings. Become vigilant for the issues widespread in all fields including government offices, medical, politics and other miscellaneous to further raise your voice and demand for justice.